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Research/Development - Sound artists and Sound art about memories

Development of idea and research behind it so far

After researching various artists and experimenting with found objects in my miniature sound piece I have came up a solid idea about what I want my final piece about. I want to combine my two ideas both about memories and found objects and create a sound piece based around them. About how found objects can have relationships or memories with certain aspects or people in our lives. For this I have decided to create a sound piece based off of a family member and the memories I associate with them. It relates to the theme of Chance and the Observer because the object that belonged to them was found by chance and triggered memories.

This will be done in some sort of narrative form and may be experimented with either natural sounds or with even with narrative word. But after researching found sound artists and sound pieces to do with found sound I want to research sound installation and pieces that have the theme of memories in some way. I have found a few examples and want to use them for research in this blog post.

Examples of sound art with the theme of memories


Cabinet by Hye Ki Min
"Sound Storage is sound installation with 11 drawer cabinet. Each of the eleven drawers in the cabinet contains a particular sound collage from memorable moments of my life. This installation is based on a field recording in which I have been recording and archiving that I experience. By opening each drawer, the user could involve my memory and be encouraged discovery and recombination of their memories."

Personal Statement
"Sound has the ability to transport you to another time or place, to generate emotional sound images within your mind and all through such simple means. It still fascinates me that through sound recording we are able to capture the essence of a moment that we can recall or play back at will, manipulate and combine with other moments. This, to me, is an amazing thing."


Sountracks by Stijin Demeulenaere 
This is a sound project called soundtracks By Belgian artist Stijn Demeulenaere has asked the public to send him their personal handwrittin memories of sound.

sit in a quiet room
think back,
remember a sound,
a sound that was important to you, that struck you, that stayed with you
take the first sound that comes to mind
try to hear that sound again
recreate it in your head
and describe that to me, describe it in detail, where, when, why
describe what you felt

"Soundtracks is an installation about memories. Memories of sound, and how
those memories lodge themselves in our head, nestle themselves in our mind
and interconnect with feelings, thoughts and situations. Unconsciously, sound
marks situations and things happening in our own life. Consciously or
unconsciously listening to those sounds marks our own presence in those

The Memory Machine
by Cathy Lane and Nye

Their isnt much research I can find on this sound project apart from a very large PDF file but felt it related to  my idea.
This is a basic discription of how and what the installation was about but sadly cant find anymore evidence about the piece.
"The Memory Machine is a context, people and site specific interactive sound installation. It has been developed as a collaboration between two composers, Cathy Lane and Nye
Parry who share an interest in sound, oral history, and memory. The Memory Machine is an ongoing project,
which, at the time of writing, is part of the British Museum’s 250th anniversary exhibition entitled The
Museum of the Mind; Art and Memory in World Cultures.Visitors contribute to the Memory Machine by leaving a memory via a telephone situated in the main part of theexhibition. These memories become part of an ever changing soundscape which mixes the personal memoriessupplied by the visitors with archive material . As they play back the memories are fragmented and transformed with different kinds of musical and sound manipulation processes and the result is heard in multi channel playback
at the entrance and exit to the exhibition. This memory mix may stimulate and unlock other personal memories which will either be fed back into the Memory Machine or stimulate a mental space for reverie and remembering,stimulated by power of sound."

Hearing the Past
By im Al-Khalili
Broadcaster and Physicist, Jim Al-Khalili investigates how latest research in acoustics is helping us to recreate authentic sounds of the past. Imagine being able to eavesdrop on the sound of a ritual at Stonehenge four thousand years ago, or hear singing in the original Coventry Cathedral before it was bombed in 1940.
Jim also discovers how the same research is changing the way we study history and experience tourist attractions and is also helping us to improve the acoustic design of future buildings. For example architects of modern concert venues are learning lessons from the layout of Stonehenge.
Jim finds out how research into acoustics also goes beyond just making  buildings sound good, in some cases it can save lives. For instance in an emergency situation clear tannoy announcements help direct people to safe exits, whereas unclear announcements can lead to confusion.
The research is bringing together a diverse group of scientists, engineers, sound archivists, museum curators and sound artists.
Sound Artists Louise K. Wilson (based at the University of Huddersfield) and David Chapman. Their work has centred on the Falkland estate in Fife, sourcing and collecting historic sounds associated with this former royal hunting park.

Gabriel Barcia-Colombo 

"Gabriel Barcia-Colombo is an American video artist who creates  installation pieces of "miniature people" encased inside ordinary objects such as suitcases, blenders and more. His work focuses on memorialization and, more specifically, the act of leaving one's imprint for the next generation. Call it "artwork with consequences."

These piece's done by Colombo which is based more on an video art installation but has the heavy theme of memories. He also explains how the technology was made and used to create the installation which I found useful since all this stuff is new to me and felt he should be added to the examples. 

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