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Vermillion Lies
Their website and music
 Interview with the band

Vermillion Lies are a cabaret band from Oakland, California. The band consists of sisters Kim Boekbinder and Zoe Boekbinder. They are known for incorporating elements of circus and folk into their music. The band stated on their website on August 7, 2009: "Our exciting news today is that Vermillion Lies is giving way to two solo careers! We will still be playing some shows together as Vermillion Lies, but most of our energies and attentions will be going to our solo music at this time."

Kim Boekbinder now performs as The Impossible Girl. Zoe Boekbinder made the album DARLING SPECIMENS and ARTiCHOKE PeRfuME and performs with other artists and under her own name.
(Them with all their instruments.)

From Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada to Moscow, Russia and Braga, Portugal Vermillion Lies has charmed audiences the world over with their unique brand of beauty, silliness, and creativity.

With songs ranging from lyrical folk ballads to raucous circus marches, the Vermillion sisters have earned a reputation for an amazing live performance which enchants audiences of all ages and has everyone clapping, singing, dancing, and playing along.

Real Life sisters, Zoe and Kim Boekbinder "Vermillion", have spent their lives honing their craft at clown boot camp and the local dump, where they found their favorite instruments like toy piano, accordion, typewriter, and BBQ grill.

The live show involves the sisters pulling their odd instruments out of a large trunk onstage before each song, prompting the audience to ask, "What's in the box?" which incidentally is the name of their brand new album.

Vermillion Lies is based in Oakland, CA, tours in a bio-diesel van, and uses recycled packaging printed with vegetable inks.

Vermillion Lies: Some fun facts about this twisted folk band from Oakland, fronted by the vaudevillian Vermillion twin sisters, Zoe and Kim:

 "We are not identical and we were born two days apart - Jan. 18 and 20," they say. "Kim was born with an amplified typewriter in her hands and Zoe with a kazoo in her mouth. We pay our mother's therapy bills." Vermillion Lies' first gig was on their mother's birthday. They rented a small theater and transported the entire contents of their living room onto the stage. "Kim was so nervous that she couldn't talk for 10 days before the show. After the show, she wouldn't stop talking for just as long. Zoe only gets nervous about Sherpas." At a recent Vermillion Lies gig at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, they played to a crowd of 700 drunks for Russian New Year. They got the gig because the booker did an online search for Russian entertainment and found Vermillion Lies, which was touring Russia at the time. "We went to Lenin's house and we played a Cyrillic typewriter. Russians love Vermillion Lies. We also do well with the Portuguese."
       (Some images of them performing with their found object instruments.)

   (A live performance by them in a gallery with an old oil can as a drum.)

 (A live performance by them using a type writer and guitar)

Vermillion Lies where an opening act to another show I saw a few years ago and I was really impressed and delighted by their performance. They bring music and stage performance together and to a new level making their shows and audience participation into a really positive atmosphere.  They performed one song with a wooden puppet and placed a microphone at his feet and made him walk to produce a wood block beat to their sound piece as an example.
It was the first I had ever seen random objects pulled out from a trunk and being used as instruments and used in such a clever way. I felt this was a great example of muscians who use the themes of found sound and with the theme of chance in their every performance.

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