Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Research - Radio and narrative

After speaking with my Tutor about my idea of doing a narrative sound piece based on memories. I had to then think about in what kinda ways I could narrate and potray the memory to a listener. As a suggestion it was reconmended that I listen to radio particuluarly BBC Radio 4. 

I will admit I'm not someone who listens to the radio very often unless in a car which is rare these days or in a place that will play it and usually it is always music stations. So it was quite refreshing to be able to listen to full dramas/stories/book readings/shipping forcast. And it gave me good inspiration for narrations in sound pieces and the differences between natrual/foley sounds and hearing speaking to tell narratives.

I cant seem to post examples straight from the BBC website for a format for blogger.
So I found some examples on youtube instead.

Listening to radio without image is far more effective and leaves the listener to picture and be effective by the sounds. It will be interesting to see how others interpret the memories my sound piece is based off from or if it will trigger memories of their own.

I've found it useful as research and how to structure my sound piece better and that how sound on its own is very powerful. And that it can express narratives in very simple but effective ways instead of over complicating my ideas and project. So for my piece it will probably end up being narrative being told by naturual sounds of the memory.

I am no David Attenborough so unless my voice was as perfect as his think will just stick to doing a non speaking piece.
Will be starting to post Development work as have been collecting resources and documenting my project for this blog and a sketchbook. I will also explain and document how the installation for this piece will be set up and how I will get to that point.

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