Monday, 5 November 2012

Research/Development – My personal views on Chance and the Observer and ideas

Chance it seems is a very broad term that you could apply to nearly every subject and daily life but it’s by observations that give it context. It can be luck, randomness, happenings, events, probability, triggers, meetings, unforeseen, unknown, but these are just some of the terms that could describe it. But by how we observe these chances that can give it deeper meanings and levels by how we perceive and understand them.

Since this project is mostly based on sound it’s made me fully more aware of how sound effect’s us and the everyday. For instance right now as I type theirs muffled noises of cars and traffic outside my flat window while theirs the typing of my fingers writing as some sort of tempo. But I know that if it was completely silent it would be able to change my whole environment and mood dramatically. That silence can also be the loudest sound and how we can react to quiet noises and loud noises. That even in our minds sounds can be just as real as the ones we hear and observe every day. But this is just my personal understanding of how sound effect’s me.

For this project I have been looking into various artists, musicians, and ways of how I can incorporate them into my ideas and how I can express sound as a physical medium. Starting off with a physical form and taking it into a digital one for the sense of listening and provoking the listener.

*Found objects idea –

 As an interest I have always enjoyed finding things and looking for things for either myself or other people. It gives me very positive feelings when I find a new place or a certain item or if that it had been lost or someone else needed it back. I liked this idea and wanted to incorporate another interest of mine which is listening to musicians/music that uses found objects to make compositions and songs.
After researching the type of instruments they use and methods it seems that they related a lot buy using instruments that had either toys or junk to create music. For this I decided I wanted to go and find random objects I found by chance and would create a sound piece with them. But this would probably be an experimental piece since I’m not familiar with sound art or being very musical.

*Found objects and their relationships - 

Another idea I had was still with the theme of finding objects but doing sound pieces about it/from it or what relation it has to something. Such as a object if it belonged to a person or related to me or someone I know in some way. By creating a memory or relationship represented in the form of a sound composition/ installation piece. I feel this piece would be probably quite a personal piece and have a lot of material to make it quite strong because of the personal attachment. It could be made with the sound of the objects as well as a narrative through speaking or recorded sound. That this piece would provoke emotions or mood to the listener or participate especially if it was an installation piece to have visuals as well as sound.

*Experiences that happened to me by chance - 

Another idea was doing it about experiences and events that have happened to me in my life that were either really random or by chance. And creating the feelings or mood of the time when it happened to me. To make the listener get the same sense and feelings I had at the time and recreate it in them. For instance there was a time when I was younger and at a play park outside near a wood and out of the woods a budgie flew out and landed quite near me. And it let me take it home and I kept it for three days and discovered it belonged to a lady who lived nearby. I then returned it to her and it was quite an emotional experience because she was so grateful to have her pet back.
But this is just one example and one of my clearest memories of an event that happened by chance and proved to be significant in my life. But thought it might be interesting to recreate these events in sound pieces or maybe installation but it may not have much consistency since it would be random events and memories.

I will be documenting the research and development on this blog and in sketchbooks as well as posting up my work for it along the way.

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