Thursday, 29 November 2012

Final blog post - Finished sound pieces

Had critique on the 28/11/12 and I think it went well, everyone seemed pleased with my installation and how I created my pressure pad. I also think they were happy with my sound narration piece about exploring my Grans house. I set up my installation and demonstrated how it works and explained how I created it.

With also some explanation about the project and some examples of my blog posts since it would of took a long time to show all of it. Also passed my development sketchbook around the class, feel like my sketchbooks could use more in them but I've sorta run out of everything else I could put or add in them. Felt thier was only so much I could do for the project since it is a sound piece with less visuals.

Guess the only thing that is left is to post my finished sound piece. I left the video black since it is a narrative sound piece and feel it is quite intense on its own. The best way to listen to it seems to be through headphones since it is in stereo. It's been a weird and postive journey through this project since its been quite personal. But also learned a lot about what its like to make an installation piece in a way I did'nt know how to or was sure I could of achieved.

Set up for assessment all my files and installation seem to be working fine just hoping for the best and that it doesnt get broken or stolen.

Also for the mini sound piece we did at the start of this project I ended up doing something different from the memory project. For the first sound piece I went around charity shops and made a abstract piece with toys I found that make noise. This piece was more of an experiment to get into using sound again and practising with the field recorder and trying out the sound studio.

These were the toys I used for the piece I just recorded different samples of them. Then overlapped them and used different effects on the samples in Audacity. It was fun finding the toys and playing around with them even tho I'm not very musical.

 Kinda nervous since it will be my first uni grade but we shall see. On to good times at christmas and to the next project.

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