Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Development - Sound piece and installation ideas

It took mostly a full day but I ended up being able to finish my sound piece but I won'nt post it until after my critique and feedback. But to create it ended up using Audacity and using the sounds I recorded at home with a field recorder. Any others I could'nt achieve because of weather or other difficulties where found on YoutTube and Freesound.

Since my memory isn't fully reliable since I was only little remembering Gran I asked my parents to listen to my work. Asked for honest feedback since it was parents and their opinion might be biased. But they really enjoyed listening to it and said it sounded almost exactly like my Grans house. That the narrative is quite clear and that you know you where your going in the house from when you start at the front door to the end.  I felt that their opinion on it was important since they visited and remember more about the house and Gran.
But thats just my parents perspective which is important to me but I want to see what other listeners will say about it and their perspective.

I had many ideas for the installation part of the project and have researched many artists and sound installations for ideas and inspiration. It has been quite broad and my ideas ended up becoming far to complicated and trying to fit to much into one. My initial idea was to create a space or small room that resembled a room of my Grans or have a display case with her belongings. While sound played around the listener or started when the listener interacted with it.

But after thinking about the project again and because of time restraints and factors of being able to build and make something like that work. I had to rethink my idea and make it a lot more simple and the sound piece could probably be strong on its own.

Ended up coming up with the idea of a chair and it having some sort of sensor or button on the seat. And that when the paricipator sits down on it or interacts with it that the sound would start playing or be heard. After discussing this idea with my tutor it seems that this was a much better way of creating an installation. That it is more reasonable to achieve within the time and having the technology to achieve it.

We discussed different ways of how I could do this since all of this was very new to me and I still didn't fully understand how sensors and electrionic equipment worked. We talked about the different types of senors I could buy or even create which helped with having names for research. To how I could use different methods of activating the sensor buy even 'bluetooth' or even 'The wizard of Oz method'. Which would be me hiding somewhere and pressing a button to create the sound for the listener.

Also I discussed what I was trying to achieve with the technicians and they suggested that the best method would be to have a pressure sensor for the listener to be able to sit on to activate the sound. They let me be aware they had some equipment I could use to aid this method but now it was just choosing how to go about it.

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