Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Development - Research Sketchbook

While I've been working on this blog as well I tend to like working on sketchbooks. I like to do this because it was always the way I documented my projects and research before blogging and its comfortable. I also see the good side to blogs because you can post links and videos about your projects. But I also like the media and material side to sketchbooks so their's both good and bad about them.

As I have been blogging been also been creating a research sketchbook and a development sketchbook. It helps me have a clearer idea of planning my project and what I have to back it up at hand. Instead of always having to find a computer to see what I have already and what I need to do next. Theirs also always bits that I'll only do in my sketchbooks and only parts I'll do on my blogs incase anyone is that interested.

These are just some example pages but their of my planning of the project and the artists that have inspired me and influenced the workings of the sound pieces. As well as exploring what type of sound art their is and what type of sound art is used for installation to give inspiration and ideas.

 Project mind map

History of sound and sound recorders.

Research about sound artists.

Sound installation art pages.

Sound pieces with the theme of memories.

I have found doing a research book with media has helped shaped the project better because of this being a sound project. And that bringing the visual aspects into it has been useful and inspirational for helping with my own sound recordings. Also to give a better understanding of how sound can work with the art world and as a digital media since its something I'm still learning.

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