Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Development - Recording sound

After gathering what I could about my Gran and about her house felt it was time to start recording and gathering sounds for the piece. It would of been great to have been able to go back to her house and record the actual sounds that are there. But due to time and for personal reasons we went to a location with a running stream and wildlife outside near where I stay.

Made a list of the all the sound I could remember or that my parents could remind me of to collect for the narrative. 

 My parents took these photographs of me recording and the weather was terrible that day.
We had very strong winds and it started to rain heavily so it was difficult to get much recording done. 
We only got to stay outside for about half an hour before we had to get back in the car and for the fear of damadging equipment.

Me and my dad discussing the sounds and about Gran.

Heres a short video of me recording with the help of my parents starring my dads finger!
But as you can tell the weather was really bad and the weather didnt get much better the entire time I could get home for. But I got what sounds I could to recreate the sounds outside of my Grans home and the river Jed.

Heres a photo of me taken with my camera trying to record in my garden as you can see the weather did'nt improve at all. Because of this I just got what I needed for sounds outside and focused on the sounds for the inside of her house. I recorded me and my dog walking around plus my Budgies tweeting since my Gran also had pet birds in the living room. I also recorded sounds of tea being poured (helped by dad) and cups clattering of some bone china I had collected to immatate my Grans tea cups and plates.

But a lot of time was spent recording my dog Kris because his sounds would be quite strong to recreate the dogs in my Grans house. So I followed him around quite a bit trying to record him.

 He was'nt that ethusiastic most of the time so this is me trying to coax him.

 But after some tempting biscuits and food he seemed a lot more willing and I got some great sounds and had to keep myself from laughing.

So I got a lot of useful sounds and progress from home towards the project for sounds both outside and inside. Been slowly working on my development sketchbook and research sketchbooks as well as the sound piece.

Heres a screen shot of me working on the sound piece. Have been using little maps and the lists of sounds to recreate the house and what it was like exploring. I have also been using stereo to recreate sounds you would only hear on your left or right depending on your location. The next part will be researching into how to turn this piece into a installation piece and recording my development with that.

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