Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Development - Installation set up and recording

Took my little installation and sound piece into uni to set it up and record the process of it working and someone interacting with it. I used the studio space to set things up since for time and because I did'nt have any free days to watch my installation all day. Incase anything was tampered with or stolen before the critique and assessment. But if the time comes I may do this in the future to just see the kind of results or reactions of people. But because of this I booked out a camera and mic and for the past couple of days have been filming the installation working.

It being set up with a chair with a slight opening has been perfect for the wires and pressure pad to sit on the chair. Also as long as their a surface like a table behind the chair it makes the speakers be heard quite well at ear height. Their is also the option to use ear phones since my sound piece is much more intense through ear phones. My mp3 player has also the option to loop tracks which would be perfect for the sound piece to play all day if it could for each listener interacting with it.

Just filmed little clips of each little detail of the installation and of it being pressed and turned on to give the viewer a general idea of how it works. Decided to just use imagery of shots and edited it that way in a sequence to explain it working that way. I also interacted with the piece to show the general idea of how it activates when it is sat on.

I look so happy with my sound piece ha ha! Will sleep good after the project and everything is all done.

The camera I used was the Z-1 with a professional tripod and a Gun mic to pick up the best sound. I used this camera because its the one I'm most familiar with to a degree but using it again was a leanring experience. It even took me a while just to attatch it to the tripod and begin filming but got there in the end.

The camera uses tapes to record footage so I bought a tape from the store and then after filming used the tape player box thing thats in this picture. (Forgotten its name just now.) And captured the footage into final cut pro. It took me over the last two days to edit the film but I got it done. It took a little while because I had to familiarize myself with final cut pro again. Also incountered a lot of the same file problems trying to make it work on the studio computer like the first project.

It's just a really basic film to show the installation and to have evidence of it working.

Hope it shows how it works clearly enough but I'll be able to find out after feedback at the critique tomorrow. On to finishing sketchbooks and recording the installaion at the crit.

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