Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Development - Grans House

After searching all over the house and through countless photographs and albums we could not find any images of Grans house. But out of curiousity we searched for her house on google maps and found it! 
Her house is at a place called Jedburgh in the Scottish Boarders right next to the river Jed.

 But by searching on normal Google search we found her house and its for sale on a estate agents website.

This is my Grans house my parents were so excited to see I had found it and where with me when it came up on the screen. The people who are selling it now have redecorated it all up now so their is some changes to how we all remembered it. Because my Gran used to breed Cavalier King Charles Spainels and Cocker Spanilers and to the right of the house was kennels for them. To left of the house was a fence that led to the back garden to keep the dogs so they wouldnt run away. But this is what I remember from looking at this picture from the front of this house.

But they had pictures of all the rooms and layout of the house and area which is going to be very useful to my my memory narrative sound piece.

 These are the images of most of the main rooms and parts that I will be wanting to recreate through memories but of how it use to be when Gran lived there. They still kept a lot of the same pieces such as the fireplaces and rooms mostly the same apart from the wall paper and furniture layout. This has helped reconise a lot of things from memories since I was very young only 5-7 years old when I would visit her.

The Garden used to have an apple orchid.

 Views from the top of the hill and over the fence to the River Jed.

Map of the area.

Because of this new resource it will able me to take the project further into development and be easier to judge what sounds I shall need to record. I can also create maps and drawings based on the memories and layout of the house for the listener to experience the narrative of how it once was.

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