Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Development - Gathering resources

To gather resources for the project ended up booking out a field recorder for a few days and traveled back home. At home their was a lot of resources that were very useful about my Granmother and contributed to the project. Since the sound piece was going to be around her and her home and based on the memories I had of my time with her and there.

I had kept these brooches she used to own in a big jewellery box for safe keeping and these were the found objects that inspired the project in the first place.

 This is my Dad and Gran holding me as a baby.

  These are my siblings when they were younger outside my Grans front door.

These are images on the covers of letters she had sent us about Jedburgh. 

A doll she had given me as a gift.

 Their was photographs, letters, certificates, belongings, presents she had given, and also stories about her that my parents could tell me. So their has been a lot of useful information and resources since she passed but would rather stick the rest of what I found in my development sketchbook. These were just some examples of what I found but their will be a lot more in the sketchbook and explanation.

This is some screen shots of documenting what I had found and making digital copies for my development and research. The only thing that has been trouble was finding a photograph of my Grans house in full view. Since this was what I wanted to base the sound piece around because we had a couple of pictures but could not find them. I shall look and research futher to see if I can find anything about it.

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